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Live Vibrantly!

Handcrafted Chainmaille Jewelry - woven one ring at a time!

Orbital Tray.jpg
Lightning Bugs
HP 4 in 1

About me...

Inspired by my love of Renaissance Faires, of jewelry, and of working with my hands (and also being tired of having to resize store bought items to my smaller wrists!), in 2018 I started offering my chainmaille creations at local events. I pay homage to the armorers of olde by adapting their creations into fashionable jewelry for today!  Great for daily wear or to add flare to a special outfit, each and every item is woven with love and the hope that your piece will bring you joy!

PLEASE NOTE:  The items on this site are premade/ready to go.  However, I do in person events and sometimes a piece will sell before the site updates.  Most pieces can be recreated as long as I have the rings available, but some pieces - particularly those with special focals from other handcraft artists - may not be.  And if you've seen a piece at an event but don't see it on the site, please message me!  Especially in the summer/fall seasons, I tend to have back to back events and may not have gotten a particular piece on the website yet!

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