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What You Really Want to Know!

What is Chainmaille?

Many people have asked this and BlueBuddaBoutique has one of the best answers I've seen:  Chainmaille (also known as chainmail, or simply maille) is typically armor or jewelry made by connecting metal rings to one another. The word maille derives from the French word maille (mesh), which comes from Latin macula (mesh of a net).

By the way, BlueBuddaBoutique is a pretty awesome site if you want to get into chainmailling yourself!

How do I take care of my jewelry?

For now, all my pieces are created with Anodized Aluminum rings.  This not only allows for a greater range of colors, but also keeps the pieces light weight and easy to care for.  Keeping it clean is as easy as washing dishes - literally!  Some warm water and a mild dish soap is all it takes!  

Most of my personal pieces I never take off so they get cleaned when I do, in the shower!  Just keep your piece away from strong acids or bases so your color can last for many years to come!

For example, you would want to remove your jewelry before going swimming or putting on lotions as the chemicals can cause your color to fade faster.  Everyone's body chemistry is different, so you may want to take off your piece before doing any strenuous activity.

I have certain metal allergies - can I wear your pieces?

Unless otherwise noted in the description, I work with bright and anodized aluminum rings from a few different vendors.  Aluminum is generally considered a good hypoallergenic choice, although only your doctor can tell you for sure if it is safe for you.

However, the findings (clasps, ear wires, etc.) I use are made of varying metals and craft stores are not the best at labelling their metals.  I am slowly moving away from colored findings,

which typically have a color coating over a zinc metal alloy, to stainless steel.  This coating can chip and flake off.  However, some stainless steel does contain varying amounts of nickel.  If you have a concern about what type of clasp or other finding is used on your piece, please contact me!

What exactly is anodized aluminum anyway?

We've all run into aluminum at some point in our lives, whether it be aluminum pots and pans or aluminum foil.  Anodization is a process that uses dye and electricity that alters the outer layer of the metal and gives us the ranges of colors you see in the rings I use.  As I do not have the set up or knowledge needed to anodize my own rings, my rings are purchased from vendors in the US and Canada. 

Because of how the process works, there can be color variations from batch to batch.  Therefore Royal Blue made in January may not exactly match (and can be noticeably different from) Royal Blue made in June, or even March.  If you're looking to purchase a set or matching pieces for an special occasion or event, please let me know.  This way I can ensure the pieces are made from the same batch of rings!

NOTE:  White is not an option in chainmaille.  We've got silvers, greys, and frosts, but due to how the anodization process works, true white is not possible.

Do you take custom requests?

Yes!  Just email me at with your request.  In your request, you will want to include information such as weave, colors, pattern, length, and if the piece is needed by a certain day. 

Once an agreement is reached, you will be provided a code to enter when submitting your deposit. 

***Once you submit your deposit it is non-refundable.*** 

The final pricing is the same as for a finished 'ready to ship' piece.  Be sure to review the description on the deposit listing for a list of prices.

Most requests can be completed within two weeks.  An invoice will be sent including shipping and any applicable taxes, less your deposit.  Once full payment is received, the item will be shipped.

NOTE:  White is not an option in chainmaille.  We've got silvers, greys, and frosts, but due to how the anodization process works, true white is not possible.

If you're looking to have a fully custom piece made, please use the Get In Touch button or email me at with your ideas so we can work together to make your piece come to life!  Just be sure to read "Can you make me a <insert piece of armor here>?" listed below first!

What are your shipping options?

I ship everywhere USPS does.  Shipping charges are calculated at check out.  A tracking number will be provided once your order ships.

If you are local to the 07801 zip code, I will be happy meet up to deliver your piece for $1.  This must be agreed upon prior to selecting it at check out.  I do work full time so meeting times can be limited.  Email me at to discuss.

What is your return policy?

All purchases can be returned within 30 days of your delivery date at your cost.  You will be refunded the full purchase price minus shipping.  If you are having issues with your item, contact me at to discuss!

What if my piece breaks?

Contact me!  I will cover any reasonable repairs (at my discretion) for the first year.  You will need to cover the cost of shipping the item to me and any replacement rings (if necessary).  Once repairs are completed, the piece will be returned to you free of charge.

NOTE:  Due to color variances in the anodization process and any wear and tear on the original item, any replacement rings may not exactly match.  No compensation will be offered for these differences.

Can you make me a <insert piece of armor here>?

The technical answer is Yes.  However, creating a chainmaille 'shirt' is time consuming and cost prohibitive so I currently do not make armor pieces.  If you are truly interested in one, let me know - I can probably find you some references!

If you can't find your answer here, please click the Get In Touch button below.

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